Our Mission

Stork & Company of Wisconsin’s mission is to improve the lives of parents and babies by working to provide infant supplies for anyone who needs them.

These supplies come in maternity packages similar to the ones found in Finland, and sold by the company Baby Box Co. in the U.S. This package contains not only a box with a mattress for a baby to sleep in, but also many baby supplies and materials.  Besides the contents received with the box, we plan to add other baby supplies that families may need.

The funds required to distribute these boxes to families will be donated by individuals, funding organizations, and corporations; and raised through fundraising campaigns.  These boxes will then hopefully be delivered through hospitals and clinics in the Milwaukee area to ANY parent who is in need of one.

Our mission is to easily distribute free baby supplies to families in the Milwaukee area to improve the living conditions of infants in need, as well as to contribute to a lowering of Milwaukee’s infant mortality rate.