Our First Delivery!

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(Stork & Co. Staffers Zachary Brubaker, Chrissy Ramakrishnan, and Meena Nutbeam)

Stork & Co. has made our first delivery of 10 baby boxes to the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center‘s Stork Nest!  We hope to continue to make many more deliveries to Sixteenth Street and to families in need in Milwaukee.

A bit more about Sixteenth Street: As we entered Sixteenth Street’s Stork Nest, we were greeted with smiles and kind and grateful words.  It is clear just how dedicated and competent in their jobs the staff there are.  They can’t wait give these baby boxes to the most in-need families that will make good use of them.  We are all excited for our relationship with the Stork Nest to grow, and can’t wait to hear how our boxes will help the Milwaukee community.

Baby boxes are a great new resource for families in need, even more accessible and practical than pack ‘n plays.  Parents can take a baby box to a grandparent’s house for their infant to sleep in, and can easily reach their child next to their bed, unlike with a pack ‘n play or even a crib.  However, baby boxes are less expensive, and also come with other necessities, including a healthcare kit for infants as well as clothes and mittens.  Baby boxes are also not just helpful for sleeping infants for sleep safely, but also for their growth and development by giving infants more room to move than, say, if they were placed in a carseat instead while awake.  Baby boxes can be a great resource to Milwaukee’s infants, and hopefully will be able to lower our city’s unacceptable infant mortality rate.  We are hopeful that our work with Sixteenth Street’s Stork Nest will help us to get closer to reaching this goal and create new goals in the future.