11 Reasons Why a Baby Box is Better than a Pack ‘n Play

baby-box3Another alternative to the baby box given out in Milwaukee is the pack ‘n play – however, the baby box is a much more effective tool for many reasons…

1.  The baby box is less expensive than a pack ‘n play.
2.  The baby box comes with other infant care supplies, unlike a pack ‘n play…. still for a lesser price.
3.  The baby box is easier to move from room to room and from house to house.
4.  A baby box can be placed right next to the bed for easier access to reach down and check on your child during the night.
5.  A baby box is easier for women who have had c-sections to reach into than a pack ‘n play.
6.  A baby box is more accessible for siblings and parents to interact with the baby than with a pack ‘n play, which is less accessible.  Parent-child interaction is extremely important for a child’s early brain development.
7.  The baby box promotes infant growth and development – parents are more likely to move their child in a portable baby box than in a pack ‘n play during the day.  Children are often otherwise left in car seats throughout the day, where their development is hindered.
8.  The baby box is easier to reuse once a baby grows out of it, either for storage or to hold infant care items.
9.  The baby box is more eco-friendly than a pack ‘n play.
10.  It is easier for parents to monitor tummy time, etc. in a baby box than in a pack ‘n play.
11. Parents do not need to worry about assembling the baby box.