Baby Boxes, the Milwaukee Center for Independence, and Community Stories

mcfilogo_fullYesterday, Stork & Co. volunteers delivered five baby boxes to the Milwaukee Center for Independence!  These boxes will be given to families who participate in the Center’s SmartBaby program, a program which provides perinatal education as well as other resources to families and their babies.  Over the next several months, these families will be tracked in order to review the impact of baby box use in the Milwaukee community.

This recent delivery is part of our program to see how best baby boxes can be implemented as a safe sleep tool in the Milwaukee community.  So far, we are working with multiple organizations in regards to these efforts.

Through the program, families talk about the benefits they see from the baby box.  Stork & Co. will use this information in hopes of improving infant mortality and providing baby boxes to the community in the most constructive manner.

image1If you know of an organization that would be interested in providing baby boxes to their community as well as participating in this program, please contact us by email (

When we check in with organizations and their baby box distribution, we will also be posting updates on the families which receive the baby boxes, including photos and stories those families have to share.  If you are interested in reading these stories, they will be tagged with the hashtag “BabyBoxFamilies”.