Storkers Assemble!

11880573_924815024256177_7273324458825561734_n“Our assembly process is a serious business,” said Stork & Co. Director, Meena Nutbeam, when we asked her about the recent baby box assembly event this past Wednesday.  “Only the most responsible of our volunteers are allowed to help in box assembly, and that is only after they’ve been trained how to properly assemble the baby boxes.”

This past Wednesday, Stor11880572_924815064256173_3515794437453342237_nk & Company volunteers (better known as “Storkers”) got together to help assemble baby boxes that will go to different organizations throughout Milwaukee to help support families in need.  Baby boxes are a safe space for infants to sleep as well as
grow and develop.

However, there is some bribery in the process, such as chocolate chip cookies volunteers received for their participation and hard work in baby box assembly.

11880462_925214467549566_998020127600623945_nAfter the baby boxes are assembled, they are inspected by professionals in the field of baby satisfaction.  Thankfully, all of the baby boxes were enthusiastically approved for delivery to families in need.

A special thanks goes out to Stork & Company volunteers Chrissy Ramakrishnan, Jamie Bang, and Lindsey Frisch for their help in this assembly event.