Our Programs

Stork & Company of Wisconsin is proud to offer a range of services to families.  Listed below are the programs and services we offer.


Our Stork Delivery

Stork & Co. continues to support families who need a safe place to sleep for their infant through our baby box deliveries.  Any individual in the state who completes our Baby Box Recipient Information Collection Survey, and is at a certain level of need, receives a donated baby box directly from our organization.  We also try our best to educate individuals living outside of the state of Wisconsin who contact us of resources near them.  If you would like to learn more about how to receive a baby box from us, go here.

Our Baby Box Test Program

Stork & Co’s Test Program is designed for organizations interested in partnering with us to provide baby boxes to families.  Our test programs provide health organizations, resource centers, and hospitals with five baby boxes to start as a resource in their range of programs.

After an organization receives five baby boxes from us, they distribute their baby boxes to select in-need families in their organization and follow each family’s time using their baby box.  At the end of baby box use, each family who received a baby box is able to share with us what they enjoyed and appreciated most about their time using their baby box.  Here is an example of a Baby Box Test Program’s success.

Our Universal Baby Box Program

Stork & Co. will soon be introducing the Universal Baby Box Program.  In this program, health centers and hospitals that choose to participate will distribute baby boxes to parents who complete an online educational program, Baby Box University, and provide a certificate of completion.  This new program promotes the educational aspect which has gone in conjunction with baby box distribution in Finland for over 75 years.  For more information on Baby Box University, visit our Baby Box University page.

Our Baby Box Partnership

Stork & Co. works with the community to reach as many in-need families as possible.  Any organization that wishes to work with us in our mission to reduce infant mortality is able to partner with our organization to distribute baby boxes to the families they serve.  All of our partners must follow our Goals and Guidelines to provide the best support to families.

Interested in Participating?

If you are an organization interested in participating in one of our programs or developing a partnership with Stork & Co, please email us at storkandco1@gmail.com for further details.