When Will My Baby Be Too Big for Their Baby Box?


“When will my baby be too big for their Baby Box?” This is a common question Stork & Co staff get from parents and caregivers. To know when your baby will be too big for their Baby Box, it is important to know two things: the length of the Baby Box, and the height of your baby!

The Baby Box itself is 26 3/4 inches long. The average baby at six months of age, in the US, is 26.1-27.2 inches long (for boys) and 25.3-26.5 inches long (for girls) (1). This means if you have a baby girl, you may be lucky, as your baby may be able to get more use out of their Baby Box!

Since we are comparing the height of your baby to the length of the Baby Box, your Baby Box should be able to last up to around six months, when your baby will begin to get too long for their Baby Box. However, it’s important to check the height of your baby, as they may be taller than average for their age!

If you place your baby in the Baby Box and they are able to either sit themselves up, or you see they are able to kick or touch the sides of the box when their legs are completely extended, your baby is too big for their Baby Box. You should never pick up your Baby Box with your baby inside. A crib or pack ‘n play are good replacements for your baby once they get too big for their box.

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(1) https://www.babycenter.com/0_your-childs-size-and-growth-timeline_10357633.bc