Goals and Guidelines

Stork & Company works to ensure that the baby boxes we provide are used appropriately and reach the most in-need families.

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Stork & Company’s Goals

Provide baby boxes and infant care supplies to families in need throughout Milwaukee and Wisconsin to help improve the unacceptable infant mortality rate.

Use the boxes as a tool to prevent infant deaths related to unsafe sleep and SIDs.

Use the boxes as an incentive to receive perinatal education.

Use the boxes as a tool to promote early growth and development as well as parent-child interaction.

Use the boxes to reach the most at-risk families in Milwaukee.

Stork & Company’s Work with Organizations

Families must be taught how to properly use the baby box and complete the free online education syllabus for Milwaukee families, called Baby Box University, prior to receiving their baby box.

Partner Guidelines:

  • Partners cannot distribute baby boxes to other organizations without prior consent from Stork & Company.
  • All baby boxes our partners receive are free of charge to partners and families.
  • Partners cannot sell, rent, or lease baby boxes.
  • Partners cannot modify the baby boxes in any way.
  • Partners must require that all baby box recipients complete the Milwaukee Syllabus at babyboxuniversity.com prior to receiving their baby box, and partners must receive a certificate of completion from the baby box recipient as proof of this.
  • Partners must keep records detailing at minimum the name, address, and email and/or phone number of each baby box recipient, and provide this information to Stork & Company of Wisconsin upon request.
  • Partners cannot decide who receives a baby box based on socioeconomic status or any other demographic factors. The only requirement to receive a baby box is that individuals complete Baby Box University and provide evidence they have done so.
  • Individual baby boxes should be given for each infant under the guardianship of the baby box recipient who has completed Baby Box University.
  • For each new pregnancy or infant entering the home, the baby box recipient must complete Baby Box University another time.
  • If a baby box becomes damaged in any way, the baby box recipient has the right to turn in their damaged baby box for a new free baby box. They do not have to complete Baby Box University a second time to receive this new baby box.

No more baby boxes than the current amount of infants in the home should be given to each individual family.  Organizations should also keep documentation of who receives the baby boxes they are provided with, and try to collect outcomes from those families which receive boxes.  This documentation should be shared with Stork & Company to assess the effectiveness of the partnership and the baby boxes.