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The Baby Box Company

-Prenatal and Infant Care-

• Children’s Hospital of WI Community Services •
COA Youth and Family Centers •
Strong Baby Sanctuary •
• Evangelical Child & Family Agency •
• Outreach Community Health Centers •
• Our Daily Bread •
• Next Door •
• Sixteenth Street Community Health Center •
Stork’s Nest Page
Wisconsin Maternal & Child Health Hotline •
· Text4Baby Free Health Info and Updates ·
• Wisconsin Public Health Agencies •
Check with you local health department home visiting program
Find a “federally qualified” health center for reduced prices

-Employment & Training-

• ResCare •

-Family Planning- 

Planned Parenthood 
• Family Planning Only Services (FPOS) •

-Mental Health-

Abbey R Kruper, PsyD – Mental Health during pregnancy 
• Moms Mental Health Initiative •

-Smoking, Alcohol, and Drug Use-

• Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation
First Breath – quit smoking
My Baby & Me – quit drinking
• Aurora Sinai Methadone Clinic for Pregnant Women •

-Infant Care Items-

Once Upon a Time – Brookfield 
• WI Stork’s Nests •
Additional health centers may provide baby care items for attending classes

-Safe Sleep-

· Baby Boxes ·
· Cribs ·


• FoodShare Wisconsin •
• National School Lunch Program (assisted meal program) •
• African American Breastfeeding Network •
Health Departments and Hospitals often have Lactation Consultants Available


SAFE Kids Southeast Wisconsin •
Injury Free Milwaukee •
COA Youth & Family Centers •
Children’s Hospital Community Services •


• Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program •

-Insurance and Disability-

• ForwardHealth Medicaid •
• Clinics for the Uninsured •
• Wisconsin Assistance Disability Programs •
• Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) •


• Baby Box University •
• Co-Sleeping In Milwaukee and Sleep Safety for Baby •
• March of Dimes •
Caring for Your Baby
Check with you local hospital for classes in prenatal care, labor & delivery, and parenting

-Child Death Parent Support-


-U.S. Baby Box Non-Profits-

Stork & Company (Wisconsin and Illinois)
Elizabeth Ann Seton Program (Illinois)
Babies Need Boxes (Minnesota, Ohio, and Iowa)
All Options Pregnancy Resource Center (Indiana)
Temple University Hospital (Pennsylvania)
Baby2Baby (California)
University Health System (Texas)
Layla’s House (Florida)
Berkshire Baby Box (Maryland)
San Fransisco (California)
Ohio Statewide
New Jersey Statewide
Alabama Statewide

Finland’s Maternity Package

-Stork & Company in the News-

Fox 6, May 2015
Fox 6, Apr 2017
Milwaukee Independent
Metroparent Magazine
The Baby Box Company Blog

Disclaimer: Please talk to a physician for information regarding topics related to your personal health, pregnancy, and methods of birth control. Do not rely on the preceding resources for medical information without doing your own thorough research on their services. Stork & Company of Wisconsin is not responsible for services or information distributed by the resources we list.