Baby Box University


Introducing Baby Box University!

Baby Box University is a free platform established by The Baby Box Co., the organization that makes the Baby Boxes Stork & Co. delivers to families, to provide expecting and new parents with universal access to educational resources and a support system. Developed in conjunction with leading medical experts, Baby Box University includes short form videos, articles, an ‘ask an expert’ feature, e-books and more.


The Baby Box tradition is credited with helping Finland achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world, but Baby Boxes are hardly the magical single-layer solution widely portrayed in media.

We are proud that the Baby Boxes are safe-certified and sustainable infant sleep spaces, but want families to know that it’s the education, healthcare, and community components in conjunction with the Baby Boxes that are transformational.

An emphasis on education is very much in line with the 75+ year Baby Box initiative in Finland. Every expecting Finnish mother visits a doctor to receive important healthcare information in her second trimester before qualifying for a government-issued Baby Box.

Baby Box University is committed to re-creating this universal access to vital education materials and healthcare consultation.

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All information taken from the Baby Box University website